Member Dues and Other Fees

Annual Membership Dues and Other Fees are due by midnight on May 31 of each year. Other fees may include public practice, professional corporation, and late fees.


In accordance with CPA Prince Edward Island By-Law 15, payment of annual fees which includes all classification of membership, Professional Corporation permits, firm registrations and public accounting license fees, shall be due on or before May 31st of the same year. An email will be sent once the annual invoice is available on the Member Portal.

Membership fees remaining unpaid as at May 31st shall be assessed a late payment charge of $50 on the unpaid balance and for each full month thereafter an additional late payment charge of $50 shall be assessed up to and including September 30, after which the late payment charge shall be 2% at the end of each month on the previous month's unpaid balance until the balance is paid in full. No refund of any portion of a fee paid to CPA Prince Edward Island shall be made (in accordance with the Fee Policy).

2024-2025 Membership Dues and Other Fees

CPA Canada's annual membership dues are $400.00.

 CPAPEI Membership Dues 2024-2025
 Regular Member  $ 535.00
 Regular, Non-Resident Member  $ 535.00
 Associate, Non-Resident Member  $ 267.50
 Retired Member  -

 Other Fees 2024-2025
 Admission Fee  
    First Application - By Program Completion $ 300
    By Transfer $ 150
 Public Practice License Fee
     Initial Application $ 200
     Annual Renewal $ 100
 Firm Fee - Initial Application  $ 200
 Professional Corporation
      Initial Application $ 200
      Annual Renewal $ 115
 Late Payment Fee - Annual Dues - Monthly $ 50
 Late Payment Fee - CPD Reporting $ 100
 Reinstatement Fee $ 300
 Readmission Fee $ 300


Regular Member

You are an active regular member if you reside in Prince Edward Island and the province of Prince Edward Island is the province that submits your national fees.

Regular, Non-Resident Member

You are an active regular non-resident member if you do not reside in Canada but pay provincial and national fees through CPA Prince Edward Island.  

Associate, Non-Resident Member

You are a Associate non-resident member if you do not reside in Prince Edward Island and pay national and provincial fees in another Canadian province.

Retired Member

You are considered a retired member if you were at one time qualified as an active member (as per the definitions above) and you are no longer in active employment.

Inactive Member

Inactive Members shall be those persons who are unable to maintain an Active or Active Associate membership due to temporary personal circumstances, such as medical leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, education leave, and care-giving leave.

Public Practice

Public Practice means “those tasks, services, and functions, as may be prescribed, performed by a CPA, and offered to or provided to the public” whether on a full-time or part-time basis, alone or in partnership with others, in respect of any one or more of the following:

  • an assurance engagement as defined in the CPA Canada Handbook;
  • a specified auditing engagement as defined in the CPA Canada Handbook;
  • a compilation engagement as defined in the CPA Canada Handbook;
  • an accounting service involving  summarization, analysis, advice, counsel or interpretation , unless it is part of, but incidental to, the performer's primary occupation, if other than accounting;
  • a forensic accounting, financial investigation, or financial litigation support service;
  • the provision or offer of opinion, advice, counsel, or interpretation with respect to a taxation matter in conjunction with a  service described in bullets listed above;
  • the preparation of, or offer to prepare, a tax return or other statutory information filing in conjunction with a service described in the bullets above.

Other Fees

Public Practice License Fee

The public practice fee is payable by all resident and associate non-resident members who practice public accounting in Prince Edward Island, whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

Practising Member means “a Member authorized by the Act, By-Laws, and Policies for a Public Practice and includes the Office of the Auditor General of Prince Edward Island and Office of the Auditor General of Canada and employees in those Offices”.